Kevin McCabe


Kevin McCabe, CPA, brings over 30 years of experience in finance and commercial real estate to his position at Basser-Kaufman. Mr. McCabe began his accounting career at Kimco Realty in 1979 and later moved on to Chassin Levine, a CPA firm that specializes in real estate clients. Basser-Kaufman management was familiar with Mr. McCabe’s work at Chassin Levine, and he was offered the Controller position in 1993.

In 1998, Mr. McCabe led the conversion of the company’s old, mainframe computer system to a more flexible, user-friendly PC-based solution. The transition was a six-month process that involved a tremendous amount of data entry and analysis. With careful oversight, the project went smoothly and the company has continued to expand the new system over the years.

As Controller, Mr. McCabe oversees all financial aspects of the Basser-Kaufman business. He reviews tenant and vendor payments and responds to all financial requests. With its core team of experienced professionals, Basser-Kaufman is extremely focused on the needs of its tenants. Mr. McCabe explains, “We consider them our partners in maintaining the value of our shopping centers.”