Directly upon graduating from Cornell University, Steven Kaufman began working with Basser-Kaufman in the summer of 1979. It has been 34 successful years later and he has not looked back since. Having developed, leased and managed millions of square feet — today, Steven, as a principal owner, has helped Basser-Kaufman grow into one of Long Island’s premier property developers.

Steven finds what he does both satisfying and rewarding, and every day he welcomes the unique challenges and opportunities that real estate development brings. Experience has given him a keen eye for discovering the inherent possibilities in any given property, and time in the business has taught him how to avoid hidden pitfalls. The result: a discerning insight for wise decision-making that his tenants, partners and even competitors have come to recognize and respect.

Steven has been involved in all aspects of real estate development from concept-to-completion, including site selection and entitlements straight through to financing, construction, leasing and management. His sense of professionalism at every turn is seasoned and impeccable, and those who work with him know him for operating under the strictest standards of excellence and integrity.

2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of Basser-Kaufman, a milestone that Steven, in every measure, has enabled the company to successfully achieve, since its founding in 1963. Today, Basser-Kaufman is operationally strong, financially secure and, like Steven, is bullish about the future of real estate development on Long Island and throughout the Northeast.