Paul Reese

Director of Property Management

The Director of Property Management, Paul Reese, has been with Basser-Kaufman since 1987. Mr. Reese began his career at Pathmark Supermarkets, where he worked in the corporate real estate department and managed construction and installation projects.

Mr. Reese began working at Pathmark to finance his education at the College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College), and was able to graduate with no student debt. After receiving his Bachelor in Business Administration, Mr. Reese was promoted to Pathmark’s corporate offices.

Mr. Reese oversees all aspects of physical property management at Basser-Kaufman, including construction and repairs. He also handles tenant inquiries and concerns and manages new development projects.

One of Mr. Reese’s most memorable projects was the redevelopment of the West Hempstead Stop & Shop — previously an industrial complex, now a successful commercial venture. He also served as project manager for Basser-Kaufman’s new office building, completed in 2010, after nearly 50 years in the same location. “It was a fun project to build, and then we got a new home,” says Mr. Reese. “It’s a real nice place to work!”

Mr. Reese notes that Basser-Kaufman is a family-run business that treats everyone fairly and with respect — clients and employees alike. That philosophy starts at the top, he explains, and continues throughout the organization.